AQUARIO NEO – Media Premium Soft

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AQUARIO NEO Media Premium Soft

  • Exceptional filter medium for aquaria
  • Very large surface of 3,200 m²/l
  • Ideal living conditions for bacteria and other microbes
  • Lowers the pH value
  • Manifold pore sizes from 1.000 µm ~ 2 µm

Neo Media Premium Soft by Aquario is a high quality filter medium for biological filtration in aquariums. Conventional filter balls have an average surface area of approx. 500 m²/l and filter rings even only 270 m²/l. The innovative texture, which is characterised by the fractional cylindric shape, offers a highly structured surface with an exceptional 3.200 m²/l and pores of varying sizes between 1.000 µm ~ 2 µm. The larger pores of up to 1.000 µm allow a very good water flow through the filter medium into the deepest interior. Therefore, it offers nitrifying bacteria (size 1 ~ 1,5 µm) an optimum supply of oxygen in addition to the particularly large colonisation surface. These bacteria are very important for water quality, as they effectively remove ammonium and nitrite. The various pore sizes allow the possibility for a considerable number of other bacteria and other microbes to coexist safely.

During the development of the Neo Media Premium, special attention was paid to creating a new type of continuous pore structure. Part of the 5-step manufacturing process is finishing at high temperatures, which ensures good strength. In addition, the pores are kept at this temperature level for a very long time in order to unify their quality.

This filter medium is slightly acidic and, thus, lowers the pH value. Therfore, it creates great conditions for South American fish, shrimp and plants.

Neo Media Premium Soft is delivered with separately packed bacteria that are activated as soon as they get in contact with water and, then, immediately start transforming ammonium and nitrite.

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1L, 5L




Aquário está a procura que qualquer pessoa possa facilmente reproduzir a natureza dentro do seu aquário Removemos soluções desnecessárias e projetamos produtos segundo os princípios da natureza.


SOLUÇÃO NATURAL, FÁCIL (EASY) E ÓTIMA As composições químicas são excluídas tanto quanto possível. Do  mesmo modo que a natureza actua. Fácil de usar. Preço razoável. Melhor qualidade. Solução ótima!


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AQUARIO NEO – Media Premium Soft
20,80 54,90  IVA INCLUÍDO