Dennerle – Complete Flakes

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Transforme seu aquário em um paraíso com as rações Dennerle Complete Flakes. Obtenha cores vibrantes e peixes saudáveis com a dieta perfeita. Experimente agora!

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Nutrição completa para peixes saudáveis

Os flocos DENNERLE COMPLETE FLAKES oferecem uma nutrição completa para seus peixes de aquário, com ingredientes selecionados para promover a saúde e a vitalidade dos peixes. Com uma mistura equilibrada de proteínas, vitaminas e minerais, esses flocos ajudam a fortalecer o sistema imunológico dos peixes e a mantê-los saudáveis e vibrantes.

Flocos de qualidade premium para a máxima digestibilidade

Feito com ingredientes de qualidade premium, os flocos DENNERLE COMPLETE FLAKES são projetados para a máxima digestibilidade, garantindo que seus peixes possam extrair o máximo de nutrientes de cada refeição. Além disso, esses flocos são fáceis de digerir, o que ajuda a reduzir a quantidade de resíduos no aquário e a manter a água limpa e clara.

Variedade de sabores para atrair os gostos mais exigentes

Este alimento para peixes foi projetado para os residentes de aquários comunitários. Os flocos, compostos por 30 ingredientes diferentes, são bem recebidos pelos peixes de vários tamanhos.25% deste alimento é composto por deliciosas larvas de insetos e 7% de vegetais ricos em vitaminas. Além disso, as folhas da “árvore milagrosa” Moringa olifera, com o seu alto teor de oligoelementos e vitaminas, estão incluídas.



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100ml, 200ml, 750ml, 1000ml



Dennerle is a huge company and one of the earliest pioneers of the true planted aquascape.

Ludwig Dennerle, the founder, can trace his aquatic history back to the mid-1960s when he established his first pet store. It wasn’t long before various aquatic plants were travelling home with him, destined for some amateur botany in Ludwig’s greenhouse.

Within a decade his company was constructing greenhouses dedicated to aquarium flora and importing hitherto unseen plants from the tropics.

Dennerle created a huge chunk of what we now accept as the aquatics trade and without such early influence it’s likely the aquarium plant market would be very different to the one we have now.


Dennerle offers products for the aquarist that can do more than merely fight symptoms. We likewise ensure that even at the production stage, natural resources are used sparingly. But it should also be possible to use the products themselves in an environmentally sustainable way – for example by having an above-average lifespan (e.g. Trocal) or by using concentrates to reduce packaging waste (e.g. water care). We design functioning, coordinated products which are oriented towards maintaining the natural cycle and are harmless to the environment, people and animals. In doing so we make it possible to experience a bit of nature at home in a sustainable way.

Experience nature

The „aquarium“ ecosystem – complex but not complicated. Every aquarium is a biological system, the individual factors of which are inextricably linked. According to the Dennerle philosophy, the foundation of an aquarium is healthy plant growth, because the plants constantly remove harmful substances from the water and simultaneously produce the oxygen that the fish need to survive. Since 1966, Dennerle has taken a holistic view of the aquarium ecosystem in order to easily replicate the biological cycles as a functioning system equivalent to natural processes. Our coordinated products form a system with which underwater landscapes are easy and safe to care for. Dennerle - since 1966


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Dennerle – Complete Flakes
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