EHEIM – professionel food – green FLAKES (275ml)


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Tasty and nutritious flakes for tropical ornamental fish. This food contains everything that omnivorous fish need in the aquarium: essential nutrients, proteins, fats, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The superior quality of the ingredients guarantees a tasty and healthy diet.

Eheim Green Flakes is complete food for all herbivorous ornamental fish of both fresh water and marine water viz. for herbivorous and algae eating animals. The food is based on very easily digestible vegetable ingredients and fresh marine algae. Vital nutrients and building blocks, vitamins and trace elements promote vitality, growth and resistance. The flakes swell up in the water and sink dimensionally stable slowly downwards. In this way, the food reaches the fish in all swimming and feeding areas.

Eheim fish food is professionally prepared. It consists mainly of natural and fresh ingredients and contains protein and fats, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements in the correct proportions. Most importantly the proportion of indigestible material (raw fibre and raw ash) is minimal. This means that the food is easier to digest, there will be less excreta and the water will be less polluted as there will be no remnants of food to cause pollution or clouding. Owing to the natural binding properties of the raw materials the food maintains its shape and the water stays clear. Eheim food is tasty and goes a long way. Your fish will love it – and you will too.

The most important criteria for fish foods are therefore: the right kind of diet, the quantity, quality, digestibility and disposability of nutrients and everything which the metabolism leaves behind: excreta. Eheim know a lot about the pollution of water – the natural element of fish – and they also know all about water. Eheim food is a particularly nutritious food which guarantees a healthy diet and less water pollution.



EHEIM is a byword for top quality - made in Germany As early as 2004 EHEIM, mp and JÄGER, the three big European brands in aquatics, were amalgamated into EHEIM Aquatics Group. Each one is a byword for quality, made in Germany. Since 2012 all products and services are managed under only under the brand EHEIM. EHEIM, founded in 1949 by the engineer Gunther Eheim, began by manufacturing technical toys. In the 1960s EHEIM invented the world’s first aquarium suction filter and gave the ornamental fish aquarium worldwide a breakthrough.


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EHEIM – professionel food – green FLAKES (275ml)