AD – Hemigrammus rodwayi (Tetra Gota de Mercúrio)


Tetra Gota de Mercúrio (Hemigrammus rodwayi/armstringi)

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Hemigrammus rodwayi / armstrongi

Tetra Gota de Mercúrio

Seriously Fish

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Aquarium Dietzenbach is an ornamental fish wholesaler that has been importing its fish from the 16 most important countries of origin since 1985. We focus on offspring, but this is not always possible for all species. The animals that are not yet bred are caught in accordance with the existing guidelines of the respective country of origin in accordance with animal and species protection and are professionally prepared for transport by our suppliers. The animals are carefully acclimated to us after their arrival and freed from ectoparasites and weakness parasites. Sufficient residence time under optimal conditions ensures that the animals come to our customers with an optimally equipped immune system. Aquarium Dietzenbach is not exclusively economically oriented , we also live aquaristics and terraristics. What has remained hidden to most so far is a breeding department for fish and shrimp and a breeding department for amphibians and reptiles. In the breeding projects section you will find a lot of information about the species that we have already or already increased in the past. You can repeat everything you find here. So it is no problem for you, in the age of the computer, to create a small video of a hatching fish with simple means and to make this experience available to your friends and the whole world on You Tube.


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AD – Hemigrammus rodwayi (Tetra Gota de Mercúrio)